1.47 Carat Black Diamond Halo Ring

1.47 Carat Black Diamond Halo Ring


This classically beautiful ring features a stunning black rose cut 1.47 carat diamond and is made entirely of 14k white gold. The black diamond is a top quality natural diamond and is semi translucent which gives it a wonderful sparkle. This piece is a one of a kind diamond because it was cut and faceted completely by hand.

Halo contains .16 total carat weight of diamonds

Handmade - All stones are ethically sourced

About the Designer

We find our inspiration in the creations of the natural world while incorporating hints of classic jewelry designs, combining them with modern interpretations. Our jewelry is an alternative to the traditional approach of wedding jewelry.


It is our particular joy to spot characteristics and individual peculiarities of diamonds that are often overlooked by other designers, and to mount them in settings that highlight their unique qualities.


We leave no stone unturned in our search for these beautiful, one-of-a-kind diamonds. Our rough, uncut and rose cut diamonds are each unique. Each one is un altered or treated and maintain the natural colors and unique characteristics of the diamond given to it by mother nature. Each of our rose cut diamonds is cut by hand to display the unique characteristics of the diamond. Cutting a diamond by hand produces shapes and faceting that is unique to each stone. Our designs are made in a small limited batch and not mass produced. Because our jewelry is not mass produced, and we use unique stones, you can be assured that your item is one of a kind.

We are constantly striving to create fresh and unique designs while maintaining quality. Each piece of jewelry is meticulously hand-crafted with the highest quality conflict-free diamonds as well as eco friendly recycled metals.