18k Elongated Lace Opal Ring

18k Elongated Lace Opal Ring


A stunning statement piece. An entire band is crafted from 18k braided yellow gold lace holding a vibrant, fiery oval opal.

This hand crafted lacy piece had a completely unique texture and look, reminiscent of both sturdy chain mail and feminine lace.


All stones are ethically sourced. 

About the Designer


Finnish-born Rina Tairo first studied fine arts in her hometown of Helsinki, then in Florence and London. In the late 1980’s whilst working on a sculpture in Melbourne in Australia, the sight and feel of a bundle of finely spun brass alloy opened her imagination to the wonder of smaller scale pieces inspiring her to design and make her first jewellery collection. The instant success it met with moved Rina into a full-time career in jewellery design and making that continues to this day.

Since then she has designed her own exclusive collections extending her love of textiles into a precious wearable art. The inspiration behind each piece lies between observations of nature and life and in the actual process of creating with natural materials. The play with texture, the considered weight and the feel of each piece on the wearer, combined with the richness of color presented by the materials, are all reflected upon in the making.

Constantly creating new collections, Rina’s distinctive design’s are made only in small editions and each piece is individually hand-made.