18k Teal Sapphire Geometric Pendant

18k Teal Sapphire Geometric Pendant


This one of a kind necklace has an elegant oval teal sapphire sapphire set in a 18k brushed gold setting on an 18" chain.

The triangular, angular pendant contrasts with the gentle curves of the oval sapphire, creating something truly special.


All stones are ethically sourced. 


About the Designer

Page Sargisson seeks out objects whose texture, shape and history inspire her.  With her ability to see beauty where others might not, Page repurposes and transforms these found objects into uniquely textured, handcrafted jewelry, and in doing so, helps bring out the artist in those who wear these special creations. 

Page grew up working in her grandfather’s woodworking studio and learned to carve, sand and make dovetail joints with him – after graduating from Brown and working a corporate job, she took a wax carving class that brought her back to my childhood passion of creating and carving.  


We only use environmentally responsible precious metals, including recycled and refined gold and silver for all of our handmade pieces. Our recycled precious metals originate from renewed sources derived from jewelry or industrial products.  In addition, whenever possible we purchase recycled metal for our chain - sadly we can not guarantee all our chain is 100% recycled as we are not manufacturing it ourselves.

Page Sargisson uses conflict free diamonds and can also use antique diamonds mined and cut over 100 years ago.  We are in compliance with resolutions set forth by the UN and the Kimberly Process certification scheme. The Kimberley Process is a joint initiative of governments and industry to stem the flow of conflict diamonds, which are rough diamonds used by rebel movements to finance wars against legitimate governments.