18k Two Toned Gemstone Hoops

18k Two Toned Gemstone Hoops


These stunning hoops showcase amazing artistry and design, as well as the beauty of natural stones. 

The 18k white gold face of these hoops hold three types of gemstones- pear shaped sapphires that total .42 carats, round emeralds that total .08 carats, and bright white diamonds set in a hand carved bezel that total .03 carats.

The hoop itself is made of 18k matte, yellow gold to provide some warmth and contrast. 


All stones are ethically sourced. 

About the Designer

Megan Thorne

"I began my career as a fashion designer of fine lingerie, so you may find my love for patterns, textiles, and lace delicately passed on to precious metals and gemstones throughout our collection.

At Megan Thorne Fine Jewels we seek to style fluid femininity with timeless vintage notes as a subtle sparkle of personal expression.

Our team carefully crafts each piece in recycled 18K gold with ethically sourced stones at the Megan Thorne Fine Jewels studio in Fort Worth, Texas."