Amethyst Crystal Necklace

Amethyst Crystal Necklace


Holy trinity of amethyst excellence! This jaw-dropping amethyst truly is nature's masterpiece. Sweetly caressed in a rose gold setting, and sprinkled with glittering white diamonds, this necklace is a beauty suited for a soul just as inspiring as Mother Nature herself. Made with 14k solid rose gold and .06ct white diamonds. Chain is 24". Amethyst is ___in by ___in. 

Handmade in LA

All stones are ethically sourced. 

About the Designer

In passing words and subconscious connection, a passion for jewelry design emerged between husband and wife, Christopher & Mai. They wanted to do something together, unspoken, connected, and unrivaled. They knew that after creating their first few pieces, something special and uniquely talented emerged. Sirciam's (sir-key-am) refined organic style speaks through warm rose gold and diamonds as our central theme, where sapphires, tanzanite, moonstone, tourmaline, and labradorite grace our keepsakes as center stones. Assymetrical earrings and rings often tell an abstract story, where our specal take on form and function can be seen in all pieces of our collection. Every one of our pieces are expertly handmade in Los Angeles by husband and wife team who apprenticed under master jeweler Jose Reyna. Our style only emerges when we all put our life, love and energy into what we are creating. It has been told that each of our pieces has something special and tell its own story, here's where yours will begin.