Asymmetrical Blue Sapphire Garland Band

Asymmetrical Blue Sapphire Garland Band


A gorgeous cluster of natural blue sapphires (totaling .2 carats) are set in a 14k yellow gold setting in a wonderfully asymmetrical setting.

A large sapphire is surrounded by an undulating row of small and medium rough cut sapphires in their pronged settings. 


All stones are ethically sourced.

About the Designer

n+a New York is a jewelry line founded by sisters Noriko and Akiko Sugawara, who originally come from Yokohama, Japan.

Designing their collections and making all pieces in their studio in Tribeca, New York City, Noriko and Akiko create finely crafted, handmade jewelry. Their designs reflect the subtle beauty of the details of both city life and nature. Details that often go unnoticed in the busy rush of ordinary life—the textures of rocks and leaves, details of historic buildings in New York City, cracks in subway walls, the sparseness of branches in winter, and the richness of blossoms and leaves in summer—catch their eyes and inspire the motifs of beautiful jewelry pieces.

Respect for the nature of their materials connects their designs to their inspirations. Noriko and Akiko’s unique perspectives and Japanese sensibilities give birth to an original aesthetic in jewelry design.