Brooke Gregson

Orbital Drop Necklace***

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A breathtaking trio of gemstones are set in 18k gold and accented by the sparkle of diamonds!  A rare pastel green Emerald with a Diamond crescent, a unique dusty rose Sapphire with a Diamond halo, and a stunning teardrop Opal of electrifying beauty.  This handcrafted One-Of-A-Kind necklace is a luxurious and jaw-dropping statement piece that celebrates the shades of Spring.  


- 2.78ct Emerald with 0.055ct diamond accents
- 1.73ct Sapphire with 0.14ct white, pink, yellow, and champagne diamond accents 
- 1.45ct Opal
- 18k Yellow Gold
- Handmade in Los Angeles
- All Stones are Ethically Sourced