Designer Competition


 The Audry Rose Design Challenge!


What’s the Challenge?!


We feel strongly that jewelry is a form of art that can be passed down for generations, and we are looking for artists to collaborate with!  We know that there is so much untapped talent around the world, and want to provide a platform to help you showcase your passion and grow as an experienced designer!

Design any piece(s) of jewelry on paper or photoshop, and we will bring them to life. If your design is chosen, we will take care of the rest- from sampling to sourcing the materials and production. You will be awarded a cash prize, an ongoing commission on every sale of your design, as well as designer credit. Our team will work diligently to make your design as close to your drawing as possible.  Tweaks will only be made if we need to ensure the piece is structurally sound. We will sell your piece exclusively on Audry Rose.             

Submission deadline: 11/01/2017

*You can submit as many jewelry designs as you would like.

*No specific style/type of jewelry is required! We are excited to see your creativity and personal style in the submissions.

*Please submit as much detail as possible, including dimensions.

*Kindly submit your work to



6% commission on the sale of every piece you designed

$500 cash prize!


We are so excited to work with you on bringing your creative ideas to life! All winning pieces will be sold exclusively on Audry Rose.  

If you have any questions please reach out to

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