Diamond Arch Ring

Diamond Arch Ring


This is the perfect ring to stand alone or to add to your favorite stacking combination! 

Worn with: Green Sapphire Arch Ring and Ceylon Sapphire Dew Ring


14K yellow gold

Arch - 4 2mm diamonds

3 1mm diamonds on either side of the arch (6 total)


Handmade in Los Angeles, California - all stones are ethically sourced.


About the Designer

Jennie Kwon, a native of Los Angeles, was raised an artist. Prior to using jewelry design as her creative outlet, she was a professional violinist.

Her designs reflect the art, natural beauty and style that surrounds her daily. Each piece is thoughtfully designed to be graceful, balanced and wearable, yet add that unique accent to the every day and capture the effortlessly beautiful nature of her inspirations.

Each of Jennie's pieces is meticulously made by hand in Los Angeles from the finest materials.