Diamond Peace Sign Charm Necklace

Diamond Peace Sign Charm Necklace


This peace sign lights up with diamonds surrounding the edges as well as two diamond set beads surrounding it. This necklace reflects the pure belief in love, freedom, and kindness.

Meticulously made by hand

14K gold - suspended from a 17" chain

All stones are ethically sourced.

Worn with: Gold Tag Necklace and Golden Sun Necklace

About the Designer

Elisa Solomon is a New Jersey-based fine jewelry designer who finds inspiration in nature, the bohemian Sixties, and Native American culture. She studied Metalsmithing at The University of Michigan, building on her life long passion for jewelry, and launched her namesake collection in 2004. Several of her designs reflect the pure belief in love, freedom, and kindness of the Sixties. Elisa's favorite symbols of the decade such as peace signs, daisies, feathers, and butterflies are often incorporated into her work. She believes these symbols are a subtle reminder of what to focus on in daily life. Elisa makes pieces that are meant to be worn daily because she believes in the strong emotional tie to a piece of jewelry. This is particularly apparent in her collection of bridal jewelry, which developed when Elisa was planning her wedding. She loves creating unique wedding bands and engagement rings, often working with rare gems such as paraiba tourmaline. Elisa's jewelry is handmade with joy and love!