Diamond Shibori Clutch

Diamond Shibori Clutch


This linen clutch features indigo dyed fabric in a diamond pattern. A perfect size for day to night use. Details include rounded corners and a gold-flecked, faux-leather pull. This bag gets a nice, soft feel the more it’s used.

About the Designer


Hi! My name is Jane. GrayGreen grew out of my desire to create fun, beautiful, functional things for people and their homes. As a graphic designer, I spend a lot of time on the computer, so it’s really gratifying for me to work with fabric, paper, paint and ink.

I spent part of my childhood in Japan, which gave me an appreciation for simple, beautifully crafted things. Living in a very different place at an early age also made me want to see the rest of the world! I’ve since been to many places and the products I design are inspired by different cultures, but they all have some similarities: simple and modern design, natural materials and great attention to detail.

I hand make all of my products in my studio near Boston, Massachusetts. Many of the things I make grow out of a need I have for something that I can’t find. I love matching different processes and techniques with different materials.

And in case you were wondering… gray and green are my two favorite colors. Gray: Subtlety and complexity. Green: Calm and natural.