Livi Necklace

Livi Necklace


This beautifully dainty necklace features a geometric combination of a solid 14k yellow gold bar and an adjoining 2pt circular cut white diamond. The simple elegance of this piece makes a chic yet effortless statement.

Handmade in New York

16" in length.

All stones are ethically sourced

Only available in yellow gold.

About the Designer

Still House is a thoughtfully designed collection of minimal jewelry made from basic geometric shapes in silver and 14k gold. Many of the pieces in this line are deceptively straightforward: tiny black and white diamonds are set in unexpected places and are concealed or revealed according to the angle they are viewed from. Still House promotes simplicity, subtle surprises, and cleverness, and encourages us to be more perceptive of the qualities in things around us that often go unnoticed.

Still House jewelry was created by Urte Tylaite in 2013. All pieces are made in New York City.