Moonstone Woven Bracelet

Moonstone Woven Bracelet


Fun yet refined, delicate yet durable, these stunning silk woven bracelets are friendship bracelets all grown up! Made with silk cloth, a silver chain, and a 3ct moonstone set in 14k gold setting. Silver button and silk cloth loop closure. Bracelet is 6" long

Stone color and shape vary slightly as each one is unique.


All stones are ethically sourced. 

About the Designer

Brooke Gregson

Los Angeles born designer Brooke Gregson is highly respected in the world of fine, contemporary jewelry for her original creations and unmistakable use of color and craftsmanship.

As Brooke moves into her 12th year of designer jewelry the inspiration behind her work becomes as much about the attention to detail and honoring the craft itself, knowing that the best jewelry has layers of meaning beyond just the aesthetic.

Brooke's passion for fine metals and precious stones was formed early in life, influenced by her father's collection of art and fine jewelry and her mother's interest in the healing power and energy of gemstones. The result is a sophisticated and organic sensibility honoring one-of-a-kind gemstones with hand-made craftsmanship of the highest quality. The fine craftsmen who have worked on these collections use techniques that, although incredibly time consuming, are a necessary part in creating jewelry that is an aesthetic and soulful extension of the self.

In addition to her seasonal Fine Jewelry collections, Brooke’s signature Astrology necklaces with diamond constellations and hand woven Silk Gemstone bracelets with 18k gold or silver chain form the backbone of Brooke's layering style. These classic pieces allow customers to add to their look over time by combining and layering jewelry that best reflects their own personality.

Brooke continues to work from her studios in both Notting Hill, London and Venice, California creating fine jewelry with the help of master craftsmen. All Brooke Gregson jewelry is made entirely in London and Los Angeles and stocked in fine boutiques internationally.