Opal Diamond Ear Hug Studs

Opal Diamond Ear Hug Studs


This gorgeous pair of earrings features a 1mm diamond and 2mm opal as the stud, and a 14k yellow gold loop that hooks from the front to behind your ear.

This unique, stunning piece is stunningly made and creates an effortlessly bold look.

Handmade - All stones are ethically sourced.

About the Designer

LUMO Jewelry

LUMO Jewelry designer Lucia Mouet believes that a simple, feminine piece can be all you need to turn even the most effortless outfit into something chic. That's why LUMO's versatile pieces are designed to complement any look.

She takes pride in hand-crafting each of her pieces from the finest metals and stones in her studio in Southern California. Ethically sourced diamonds, rubies, sapphires and more, are each hand-selected to fit their respective design.

Elegance never goes out of style, nor do these designs. You will fall in love with these classic pieces and find yourself wearing them for years to come.