Opal Loop Ring

Opal Loop Ring


An exploration of shape, form and color! This opal ring makes an extraordinary statement with its vibrant, iridescent hues and its unique shape. Made with 18k gold and Australia Lightning Ridge opals. Small, white opal is .5 cm and larger blue opal is .8 cm


All stones are ethically sourced.

About the Designer

Fade To Black

Fade To Black revolves around the concept of light and darkness. The ethereal light in opal, trapped in darkness for millennia, is unearthed and adorned, a representation of our own journey through life.

The architectural designs of each piece are inspired by the inherent human desire to reach into the unknown and construct a manmade monument to eternity, the opal representing the radiant light with which we continuously seek to surround ourselves.  

Designer of Fade To Black, Tatiana, creates all the designs at her Studio in Los Angeles, carefully pairing each designs with the befitting stones and then working closely with a skilled team of jewellers in Sydney, Australia and Los Angeles. Each piece is handcrafted around the individual nature of the stone, ensuring a unique experience where no two are alike.

Production is monitored by Tatiana’s Father, Mario in Lightning ridge and some parts of Queensland. Her father has been working in the industry for over 35 years. Polishing and cutting is all done within his company without any outsourcing, guaranteeing control over the quality and practice of these illusive, delicate gems.