Radiant Silver Gemstone Drops

Radiant Silver Gemstone Drops


These stunning 1.75" x .75" drop earrings are a mixture of sterling silver, fine silver, and bronze set with a line of aquamarine, blue sapphire, and green sapphire stones.

Hand carved etchings radiate from the center

Hooks are pure sterling silver.

Handmade - All stones are ethically sourced

About the Designer

Every piece of Franny E Fine Jewelry is carefully hand-formed in limited releases. Beginning with alloying our own precious & semi-precious metals, pieces are cut, hammered, sanded, textured, and polished by hand. We believe in creating adornments and objects that will transcend the ages & become heirlooms & objects of desire. Franny E Fine Jewelry embodies the beauty of impermanence. With physical facets of asymmetry, asperity, and irregularity, the collection masterfully melds together ancient themes with contemporary design. Using precious and semi-precious metals, hand-selected natural gemstones, each piece is a work of art & one-of-a-kind.