The Story



Audry Rose embodies jewelry that is unique yet timeless. Our curated collection of pieces are handmade with ethically sourced stones and many are one-of-a-kind. 


The name, Audry Rose, pays homage to my grandmother, a beautiful woman with impeccable style who was generations before her time. Our company is infused with her spirit. 


Some of my most cherished memories with Nana (as I called her) is sitting on her bed listening to the stories behind the jewelry in her collection.  Every piece told a story and carried distinct memories. Now that some of these pieces have been handed down to me, I too will add to their story. 


Our collection is for the woman who believes in quality and wants jewelry that will last. I hope you create a new path for each piece received and make it your own.


That's our story, we would love to hear yours





Our Store is located at 2665 Main Street, Santa Monica, CA.