Triple Oval Opal Ring

Triple Oval Opal Ring


A stunning trio of oval opals are prong set in a 14k yellow gold setting.

Streaks of green, blue, and fiery orange create unique patterns depending on how the light shines! It's the perfect pop of color. 


All stones are ethically sourced. 

About the Designer

Kristina Marcelle, designer and creator of Charlie and Marcelle was inspired by her mother, Charlie, who passed away from breast cancer when she was 17 years old. Charlie passed along her love of jewelry, her love of laughter, her love of anything sweet and delicious, but most of all her love of doing anything and everything to make people smile... even perfect strangers. "The mission for my jewelry line is to inspire magic. It is to remind us that all things are possible if we just simply believe in ourselves. Sometimes all it takes is to wear a piece of jewelry to remind ourselves of whatever it is we are seeking. Jewelry has a funny way of making us feel good, which makes it a necessity as far as I'm concerned and I'm sure Charlie would agree."