Triple Turquoise Cuff with Diamond

Triple Turquoise Cuff with Diamond


This dazzling piece features three unique turquoise stones and a 2mm white diamond bezel set in 14k yellow gold.

The entire face of the cuff measures approximately 30x10mm, and the cuff's arms are 14k yellow gold.


All stones are ethically sourced.

About the Designer

Becca Cass of BCE Jewelry My love for jewelry started at a young age when my grandmother gave me a few turquoise rings that my father had made in the 70's. From then on I was hooked, my passion only grew when I studied art history in school and learned all about jewelry in ancient civilizations. Fast forward 10 years and I still draw my inspiration from the same place, that and my stack of books on Greek, roman, Egyptian, and Byzantine jewelry. That's where the name of my business comes from, B.C.E. Jewelry standing for before common era. All of my pieces are handmade by me out of my studio in Carmel valley ca.